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11/4/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Sussex County is one of the premier restoration companies in the region. When you contact our team to assist you with an emergency, you are placing your property in good hands. We have spent over twenty years building close relationships with many businesses within the community. No matter what you need, we can get the right people for the job.

Restoring a home or business is a multi-step process. SERVPRO specializes in mitigation, remediation, specialty cleaning, and drying water damaged materials. While reconstruction is not something we often perform, our years of experience has created lasting relationships with reliable professionals. We can offer you referrals to the best contractors in the area, saving you time and confusion. There is a good chance we may know your insurance agent too! The process of filing a claim and making sure your adjuster has all the relevant information can be intimidating. Thankfully, we have a great track record of providing our customers with a stress free claims process. Our team has plenty of experience assisting our customers in the claims process, and will directly communicate with your insurance company to provide all necessary documents related to our services. Because of the sensitive and stressful circumstances we are called to repair, the comfort of our customers is always a priority.

Keep an eye out for us on the road and around your community. We serve Lewes, Rehoboth, Millsboro, Seaford, Georgetown, Milford, and many other locations in and around Sussex County. We are always happy to answer questions and assist our customers in any way we can. With a nationwide system of qualified franchises, no damage is too large or too small for SERVPRO of Sussex County

Pepperoni and Extra Cheese.....No Mold...Please!

4/8/2019 (Permalink)

Pepperoni and Extra Cheese……Hold the MOLD….Please!

  The restaurant business is tough enough under normal circumstances.  Every customer must be satisfied in this digital age….or else they will start YELPING or worse!  The challenges of labor, perishables and meeting standards of service can be overwhelming.  I truly admire those who succeed in this arena.  Like most of us; however, restaurants are not spared the everyday emergencies and disasters that are common in daily life.  Broken pipes, rain water intrusion and even fires can incapacitate a thriving eatery.

  Recently, a popular local pizzeria called us with concerns about growth which their HVAC service provider discovered in an area by the kitchen.  The proprietor was naturally concerned about the health of her patrons and staff and wanted us to remediate the situation as soon as possible.  She also wanted us to do the work without disruption or distress to her dining public.  It is situations like these that test the flexibility of our efforts since she wanted us to take care of the issue during non-working hours.  She also requested that our technicians stay out of sight if the work should spill over into lunch hour.  We understood her reservations and obliged with a thorough and rather stealthy approach and we had the situation contained and corrected within only a couple of days.  She was extremely pleased and bought our crew a pizza as a gesture of her appreciation and kindness.  She exhaled a big sigh of relief upon completion of this job. 

  Our professional team here at SERVPRO of Sussex County genuinely makes a sincere effort to consider the concerns of the property or business owner.  The crew worked quickly enough to satisfy the patron and stayed under the radar so as not to cause further worry to her and her customers.  This was truly a scenario of……."Like it never even happened."

Respect and Inspect Your Ducts!

4/1/2019 (Permalink)

Respect and Inspect Your Ducts!

In your home or business, ductwork is a major part of your HVAC system. Ductwork delivers conditioned air to your rooms and returns the air back to the unit to be reconditioned. After years of use, cracks or openings may appear in or on the ducts. Sealed ducts are vital for comfort for several reasons:

  • Prevent dirt and dust from entering the rooms
  • Maintain a constant conditioned air temperature
  • Keep moisture from entering the ducts, raising humidity levels
  • Discourage growth (mold or mildew) from growing inside the ducts
  • Prevent unwanted pests from entering the ducts, causing unpleasant odors
  • Reduce heating or cooling costs from wasted energy

A duct inspection is important for quality indoor air, lowering energy costs and locating possible problems before they become costly ones. Consider performing a duct inspection with SERVPRO of Sussex County in the spring and fall when you change over from heating to cooling your home.

As a home or business owner, you can perform a visual ductwork inspection, looking for these common signs of damaged ducts:

  • Lack of cooling or heating: Check for worn or torn insulation in unconditioned areas, such as attics, crawl spaces or basements.
  • Rattling noise: Possible loose joints in the ducts.
  • Air volume low: Possible presence of cracks or holes.
  • Sagging ducts: Hangers holding up the ducts may be loose.
  • Foul smell coming from ducts: Possible moisture, mold or mildew presence.

Although you can do small repairs like replacing insulation it is best to contact SERVPRO of Sussex County to perform an extensive ductwork inspection and evaluate the condition of your ductwork. We will determine if your ducts are damaged or if replacement is necessary. SERVPRO of Sussex County has the most advanced equipment to inspect and clean ducts.  Call us today!

Is Your Health Care Facility Healthy?

3/11/2019 (Permalink)

Is Your Health Care Facility Healthy?

  Sussex County has hundreds of professional health care facilities as well as doctor’s offices.  We are fortunate to also have Beebe, Nanticoke and Bayhealth Hospitals in our area.  Healthcare is not only a major industry in Sussex County but also in our entire state.  It is an industry that generates thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in revenue.  SERVPRO of Sussex County has served many of these practices over the years and we are proud to play a part in keeping the health care industry clean and healthy.

  Some of the issues we have addressed over the years include: water damage, growth and mold remediation, bio contaminants cleanup, duct work inspections and duct/vent cleaning as well as full scale cleaning services which cover carpets, floors and upholstery.  The goal of every practice is to maintain a location that not only has a healthy appearance; but exudes cleanliness and a sanitary environment.  One of the first things that most people notice about any office is the smell.  SERVPRO of Sussex County can locate the smelly source and return the office to a non-offensive state.  Whether it is a dead rodent in your wall or mildew smell from a water or moisture issue – we have the skill, products and tools to correct the problem.  Even a minor water issue can create a lasting stench and we tackle the smell at its source – we don’t just cover it up.  

  Almost every health care office has experienced issues of biological “spills”.  Whether it is urine or blood; we can clean and sanitize so no contaminants will worry the future patrons.  We take these types of jobs very seriously and want to make the goal to each situation “Like it never even happened.” Call us today at 302-856-9768 or visit

How Can SERVPRO of Sussex County Assist Your Business?

2/11/2019 (Permalink)

How can SERVPRO of Sussex County assist your business?

There is never a convenient time to find your business at the mercy of fire or water damage.  The destruction can be challenging at the least, and in severe cases may be very expensive and time consuming.  Every hour spent cleaning or remediating can result in lost revenue and productivity; compounding your loss.  Knowing where to start the recovery process can be overwhelming and confusing. In extreme situations, you need help.  The SERVPRO of Sussex County team has more than 25 years of experience aiding local business owners when the stakes are high.

Disasters can grow in scope very quickly.  Water loss can lead to contamination and damaged electronics.  Fire can destroy structures and it can take days to sort through what’s left.  There’s no telling how long it may take to get back on your feet.  Fortunately, we are a 24-7 emergency service with professionals on-call to remediate any damage, regardless of the scale or cause.  We have a wide range of knowledge and services to offer for all types of commercial properties:

Since our company was founded, we have made it a constant priority to mitigate the effects of the unexpected by providing amazing service.  As members of the Sussex County community, we are heavily invested in the welfare of our fellow business owners, friends and neighbors.  Restoring your livelihood to its preloss condition is what we do.  If you find yourself in need of help, please call SERVPRO of Sussex County 302-856-9768.

Falling Prices and Water in Milford

2/4/2019 (Permalink)

Water damaged ceiling at a Milford Dept. Store.

Falling Prices and Water in Milford

  Imagine that you own a department store that is bustling with a crowd of shoppers; one week before Christmas.  Instead of the white snowy holiday that everyone dreams about; a torrential downpour begins.  Within moments, streams of water begin to flow through the hung ceiling tiles; resulting in a flood that envelops half of the store.  The stores’ roof may have withstood the last rain storm – but not this one. 

  The stores crew are overwhelmed by the speed and saturation of the water.  They place numerous buckets and receptacles to try to capture as much water as possible but soon they realize an immediate emergency response is needed.  A call to their insurance agent starts the clock for a SERVPRO response that has a full crew dispatched to their location very quickly.

  Safety is always our first priority when we respond to a scene where the public may be present.  The first steps taken are to isolate the affected areas and restrict access so as to ensure no slips or falls.  We will also check for any electrical hazards and work to eliminate any threat.  Once the area is safely secured – extraction and drying can begin; as well as steps toward full remediation.

  Ceiling, carpets and flooring as well as merchandise are all effected and immediately following the drying process the SERVPRO team begins the demolition steps to remove damaged materials.  Our crew stayed on the scene daily for over two weeks until their efforts were complete.  The store was able to remain open during their work and holiday sales were saved with very little disruption to the shoppers.  

  A water leak or leaks can create a great deal of damage in a short period of time and without the skill of our professional team; the store may have faced closure and lost more revenue.  SERVPRO of Sussex County specializes in these types of emergencies and we have over 25 years of experience in solving these problems.  A visit to the store earlier this week, showed little evidence that such an event ever occurred and immediately the phrase came to mind….Like it never even happened!

Mold Remediation at a Furniture Store in Sussex County

11/3/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation at a Furniture Store in Sussex County

  SERVPRO of Sussex County recently responded to a water damage call from a local furniture store.  There was damage to both the show room and the warehouse and some pieces of furniture were also affected.  We found that separate issues contributed to this loss and we recommended a remediation protocol.  

  Improper use of the HVAC system in a home or business can cause and contribute to water damage.  The furniture store only operated their HVAC during weekdays and did not during weekends or nights.  This fluctuation in temperature can cause humidity and condensation to increase inside of the structure; as was the case in this example.

  The open air warehouse was the other culprit. We found that there was no temperature control or airflow and the concrete flooring was dirty and growth was forming in areas and spreading to the actual pieces of furniture being stored.  The rain gutters outside the warehouse were draining right next to the building and water was pooling up around the direct exterior. The warehouse was also extremely humid and there was evidence of condensation as well.

  SERVPRO of Sussex County recommended the HVAC system be set to auto so as to adjust itself to changes in temperature and a dehumidifier was placed inside the store.  We also recommended the installation of downspouts to redirect the water away from the building; as well as power-washing, sealing and painting the warehouse floor.  This step had to be completed in two stages since the inventory had to be moved from one side of the warehouse to the other to allow for the floor to be cleaned and repaired.  Some of these remedies may seem like simple common sense; however when you are busy running a business; it can become easy to overlook such issues until a problem forces attention.  For more on SERVPRO of Sussex County’s water damage services please visit: or call us at 302-856-9768 for questions or service.