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“Tis An Ill Wind That Blows No One Any Good…”

4/19/2021 (Permalink)

This is an old proverb that means generally when the wind blows; some good may come of it. The “Ill” wind referred to, means that no good will come to anyone from some winds. An example would be a hurricane which typically packs ill winds that cause destruction. Wind should be everyone’s concern. If you have ever witnessed a tornado or the aftermath; you know that strong wind can not only destroy but it can kill. Unfortunately, recent events have brought this to fruition.

Although we rarely see tornadoes here in Sussex County; we do have several Nor-Easters per year. Let’s also not forget that we can get an occasional hurricane as well. But tornadoes, Nor-Easters and hurricanes are not the only types of winds that cause damage. A few weeks ago we had severe thunderstorms in our area and I suffered some minor damage to the siding on my home. A large piece of fascia had torn loose and was dangling precariously over my garage. It needs to be stated that I suffer from a bad back and when I say bad – I mean that a jellyfish has a stronger spine. So of course; I took to Google and found no one that would assist me because most were tree specialists and a handyman would not waste the thirty minutes to drive to my home for the ten minutes of work. This situation made me think of how many other home owners had the same issues and while driving the local roads I saw other homes with minor damage. What did I do? I did what you should do – I called SERVPRO of Sussex County and the fascia was fixed promptly and properly.

So if you find yourself needing someone to respond to what you and others may feel is a small job – call SERVPRO of Sussex County. We will help you with even minor wind damage and of course our team has all the know-how and equipment to help with the large jobs as well. No job is too small if it is of concern to any of our local patrons. Call us at 302-856-9768 to find out how we can help!

SERVPRO of Sussex County Thanks Local Commerce

4/6/2021 (Permalink)

It gives me great pleasure to share our recent success and growth with our local business community.  SERVPRO of Sussex County experienced dramatic prosperity in 2020 and it continues into 2021.  This has occurred during the most challenging times in our history.  There were many local businesses who made a healthy decision and used our CSC services.  This measure seemed to keep their staff and patrons safe from the COVID virus.  Some are still using the service.  However; the success was seen in every department – not just sanitation and cleaning.  We realize that our role with the business community is very important.  We service every type of business from convenience stores to hospitals.  Sussex County businesses know that we always stand ready to assist.  The concentrated efforts toward all local businesses and our support for the local chambers of commerce allow us to build strong relationships in the community.

Our recent growth would not be possible if it were not for the loyalty and trust of the business community of Sussex County.  So we say THANK YOU! THANK YOU for your business and your trust!  I believe that “trust” is the driving force behind the prosperity.  Every job that we fulfill is a way for us to build trust.  When you consider how every business struggled and is still struggling to find their footing; trust is everything.  SERVPRO has built a stellar national reputation through trust.  We are the company that hopefully most people will call during their worst times.  We will work to return you and your business to the best of times!

Hopefully, the world will soon return to normalcy.  Until it does we will support you. So again, to local businesses we say thanks for sticking with us and know that we will be there for you when you need us!  

Gimme Space!

3/19/2021 (Permalink)

We all need our space; sometimes we need a little more space than others.  As people we all typically accumulate stuff!  Valuables, belongings, clothing and things, all take up space and as we age and grow as families; we are all faced with the question of what to throw out and what to keep?  Most of us seldom think about all of these things until they are in the way of something that we want more.  For instance; if you want to remodel your home or a section of your home – you will need space to accommodate the process.  The same dilemma would occur if you are moving or planning to rent your home – you will need to address the issue of space, storage and how to create it.  SERVPRO of Sussex County has the solution!

   SERVPRO of Sussex County is happy to offer professional pack-out, inventory and storage space options.  We have a large climate controlled warehouse with staff on hand to help you.  Our process features the latest inventory control technology – iCat – which enables our team to inventory and locate any of your stored valuables almost instantly and we can offer reports on the status of your items.

   The SERVPRO team is also willing to do all of the heavy lifting and labor which we all know is the real challenge when moving anything.  We will pack it, pick it up and store it all in one convenient process.  This service is also very helpful when you are in transition from one home or location to another.  You will have the option of storing your valuables wherever is best for you or you may use our facility.  When you want those items back; we will be happy to deliver all of your belongings to you in their pristine original condition.  Call us today at 302-856-9768 to find out more details and request our services!

More Services...Less Worry!

3/12/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Sussex County is diversifying and offering our community new and helpful services.   Everyone knows that we are the leaders in water, fire and mold remediation; but did you know that we can help you to remove your valuables and contents when such disasters occur and safely store them for you? We are happy to announce our Pack-out and Storage service for Sussex County!

  Imagine the stress families endure after a flood or a house fire.  Many do not even consider what to do or how to handle all the contents of the home after a devastating event and the last thing that you and your family needs is more work and worry.  With SERVPRO of Sussex County – one call does it all!  We will be happy to assist you with the restoration and reconstruction of your property; and we can also offer technicians and vehicles to move your valuables and contents to our safe, climate controlled storage facility.  We can store them and monitor them; and even offer you reports on specific items and their whereabouts and condition.    We will help you pack the items and we will do all of the heavy lifting and make sure that no contents are exposed to possible secondary damage.     

  This service is not only practical for the worst case scenario but also for the convenience of shipping and storing items during renovations or seasonal moves.  If you want to offer your home at the beach for rent during the summer and need to store your valuables – we can do it!  If you are between moves and need help with moving and storing any items – we can do it!  When bad luck attacks…let us pack!  Call us today at 302-856-9768 and we will offer all the details!    

The Challenges of Unattended Death Cleanup

3/1/2021 (Permalink)

Unattended death refers to a death in which the body is not discovered for days, weeks or even months. Unattended deaths are most common in the elderly; especially when they reside alone. When the body of an unattended death is discovered; it is of course a very difficult situation for the family and this can also be the case for the group offering the cleanup.

In such cases as unattended deaths – ALWAYS USE A PROFESSIONAL GROUP to remediate and restore the environment and the property. Decomposing bodies pose biological contamination threats that if not treated with professional care can lead to permanent property damage and even worse there is a possibility of harmful exposure to others. A decomposing body which emanates bodily fluids is the worst case scenario and obviously the drama created by such a scene is the least of the worry. These fluids create a serious health hazard to those around it and can even cause disease and infection that can be deadly. The abhorrent odor is a clue as to just how unsafe such a situation can be since the odor produced by decomposition can itself be a pathogen.

The longer a body deteriorates while undiscovered creates a potentially larger remediation cleanup and may affect items in the home which may absorb the odor and pathogens. This may not be a nice topic to discuss but think of how challenging this scenario would be without professional services such as SERVPRO of Sussex County.

SERVPRO of Sussex County has been handling this type of unenvious task for more than 25 years and we have the proper training to make sure the issue is taken care of quickly and professionally. Any family death is difficult and with services such as ours; there is no need to expose your family to such a horrific situation. Call SERVPRO of Sussex County today at 302-856-9768 if you need these or any of the services we proudly offer.

14 Ways Winter Storms Can Damage Your Home

2/15/2021 (Permalink)

  • Snow and Ice strain the roof – the excess weight of even a minimal amount of snow can weaken your roof – it is always a good idea to have your roof inspected once a year – especially so if the roof is more than ten years of age
  • Ice dams weigh on your gutters – uh…gutters…mine are a mess and I don’t even want to think about how much damage freezing ice can do throughout the winter - *Clean your gutters every year!
  • Cold cracks caulk – most people don’t realize that ongoing cold weather causes caulk to pull away from windows and may lead to leaks
  • Winter remedies damage your driveway – salt and melt-away products are typically harsh and should be rinsed away as soon as possible – this is also true of your vehicle – GET THE SALT OFF!
  • Snow and Ice snap tree limbs – I have written about five blogs on the dangers of trees too close to your home – here is another reason to create a safe perimeter – if too much snow or ice weighs heavy on a tree or limb – look out below!
  • Freezing temperatures can affect your plumbing – if the temp is expected to drop below 25 degrees for several days – take precautions to keep your pipes from freezing
  • Wet conditions rot doorframes – not just rom snow and ice but from improper drainage issues as well – water can do more damage than you can imagine
  • Shoveling chips and cracks steps and driveways – a heavy plastic snow shovel will eliminate chips and damage from shoveling
  • Melting snow leaks into the basement – make sure your crawlspace is and the seal on your foundation is in-tact to prevent such an expensive calamity as water intrusion
  • Changing temperatures can crack the chimney – have your chimney swept and inspected annually
  • Intense weather changes damage your deck – you should properly stain and seal your deck with six months of installation and re-apply every year.
  • Cold weather can freeze your sump pump – keep your basement as warm as possible to prevent this issue
  • Freezing temps can damage your vinyl siding – check your siding after winter events to make sure a small repair does not become a large one
  • Ice and frost can damage your foundation – this is usually prevented with proper drain spout extensions directing water away from your foundation

Please call SERVPRO of Sussex County today for any winter weather concerns – 302-856-9768!        

STICK! With us!!

2/11/2021 (Permalink)

STICK! with us!! Image of Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned shield. Call us today to get the service and the sticker!

2020 was a challenging year; and 2021 is not showing much change with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic and all of its challenges. Businesses, schools, houses of worship, senior centers, medical centers and many other segments of our community are all trying to reach a point of safety and normalcy. Some are still awaiting a safe time to re-open. Our country as a whole has endured a great deal of adversity and suffering. Some of us have lost much more than others when you remember that nearly a half a million Americans have died due to this virus. Although the numbers are improving; we are now hearing of variant strains that may cause more worry. A Bio-hazard threat has brought the entire world to its knees.

It has been said that the best defense is a good offense. This holds true to almost every arena in life and not just athletics. SERVPRO of Sussex County has fulfilled the CSC (Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned) Service for literally hundreds of local businesses and residences since March of 2020. As you move throughout the community; you will see our Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned Stickers on store, restaurant and other businesses windows and entrances. All of these businesses share something else in common – they are all OPEN for business. The owners took steps almost immediately to fight the virus with the most respected Bio-hazard company in America – SERVPRO - and not one of these outlets have experienced any issues concerning infections or contamination. The CSC Service works!

When my family and I venture out for a meal – we patronize those restaurants who proudly display the CSC Sticker – not just because they are SERVPRO customers – but because we know that the business is safe and clean. Perception is reality and our service and our sticker create a perception of safety.

If you would like to use our CSC Service and have that symbol of cleanliness in your window – call us today at 302-856-9768 and schedule the best bio-hazard cleaning and viral deterrent available.

5 Issues That Cause 95% of Your Janitorial Services Problems

2/4/2021 (Permalink)

Why is it so important to recognize where our commercial cleaning services go off the rails? Because if we can pinpoint where the major issues pop up, we can work with current cleaning companies to get them back on track or use the 5 issues to screen prospective janitorial companies. So what five things matter so much that in their absence they can predict smooth sailing with a commercial cleaning company?

  • Inadequate Training - One of the best ways to sidestep service issues from your commercial cleaning company is to assure that they understand the importance of training their people. To provide you and your facility with consistent, effective, individualized service, your building services contractor must have a formalized training program for a systematized cleaning process. Very good service requires very good employees, and employees need effective training to be very good. Your janitorial services company must provide their teams with comprehensive training designed to help cleaners consistently deliver good service.
  • High Janitorial Turnover - Where does high turnover come from? It can stem from a myriad of issues like: inadequate training, minimal  pre-employment screening for fit legal workers, illegal hiring/sub-contracting, inadequate or ineffective management and a lack of competitive wages and benefits.
  • Absence of Effective Quality Assurance Programs - Effective, responsive service never happens by accident, it happened by design. Quality assurance systems assure reliability through accountability. The most effective practice for quality control in the janitorial industry is janitorial inspections.
  • Lack of Communication - Poor communication can be the number one factor in subpar cleaning, a strained relationship between you and your cleaning company and overall dissatisfaction. If a commercial cleaning company doesn’t effectively communicate with you the customer or their own people, they simply cannot deliver the level of service that makes them worth keeping. Or perhaps your janitorial services company lays low assuming that ‘no news is good news.’ Still the most effective janitorial services will never shrink from getting your regular feedback, both positive and negative.
  • Lack of Organization - Most cleaning companies want to deliver effective service but without a great deal of time and resources put into planning and systems, these good intentions are little more than a pipe dream. Effective janitorial service requires accountability and accountability is assured through systems that keep everyone on track.

SERVPRO of Sussex County has a new General Cleaning division and we are working to keep many businesses and municipalities clean. If you are not happy with your current janitorial service – call us today at 302-856-9768 and we will be happy to offer the best cleaning services available.

We Mean CLEAN!

2/3/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Sussex County realizes that your business needs to make and keep a proper impression and image with your customers.  We have helped local business owners from Milford to Fenwick Island keep their hotels, restaurants, shops and countless other retail or service outlets sparkling clean and smelling fresh.  Our commercial cleaning team has the tools and experience to tackle any sized cleaning job.  Unlike many of our competitors who simply mask or temporarily take care of the dirt - we actually apply a deep lasting clean that will make your proud and your customers happy.

  SERVPRO of Sussex County offers cleaning services ranging from cleaning restaurant hoods to removing biohazard contaminants. We have the specialized training and products to get your property back to business. Our commercial cleaning services include air ducts and HVAC, biohazard and sewage, trauma and crime scene cleanup, carpet and upholstery, drapes and blinds, ceilings, walls and hard floors, odor removal and deodorization, as well as acts of vandalism.

  We also offer the nation’s leading COVID sanitation services with our Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned Service. Since the pandemic began; we have fulfilled this service with literally hundreds of customers.  We have an entire cleaning division who are ready to meet whatever challenge is offered. Our technicians are fearless in their approach and no matter how big the problem or mess – we have the tools and the people to make it right!

  Please call us today at 302-856-9768 and we will be happy to offer a free inspection and estimate for your commercial cleaning needs.  Let us help you make the mess “Like it never even happened.”  

Don’t Mask the Dirt – Clean it!

2/3/2021 (Permalink)

Keeping your business consistently clean is important at any time.  In fact; studies show that consumers may stop shopping at a business that does not maintain cleanliness.  This fact is obviously a concern for our local businesses.  SERVPRO of Sussex County is keenly aware of the impression that can be lost with a dirty business or workplace.  This mindset is what inspired the creation of our new cleaning division in 2019.  As we traveled through our community; we noticed that other cleaning services just weren’t getting the job done.  We saw carpets that were supposed to have just been cleaned and instead the embarrassing stains returned a week later due to a service that simply masks the dirt and odor.  The same scenario applies to floors, windows, walls and entry ways.  Commercial outlets were looking for a better option. 

  SERVPRO of Sussex County offers a standard of clean that surpasses the competition.  The best example I can offer of this is found in the numerous carpet cleanings that we have applied in the last year and a half.  In almost every case the owners could not believe their eyes at the results.  The best part was that our service offered a lasting clean – not a mask.  Most displayed disbelief when we would visit well after the service was offered and they all remarked that they typically would have had the competition clean multiple times but they did not have to because their carpets were still clean.  I can personally offer my own testimonial as our team cleaned the carpets in my home over a year ago and they are still clean!  Trust me – there is a difference!

  If you are tired of dirt and the substandard cleaning services offered by our competition – call SERVPRO of Sussex County today at 302-856-9768 or visit to learn more.