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8/12/2021 (Permalink)

When you experience the need for assistance at or in your home after an unexpected emergency; you want reassurance in knowing that the company you choose will live up to your expectations or exceed them.

Since 1993, SERVPRO of Sussex County has served its community with the highest level of customer service. We react to each issue with speed, courtesy and courage. In fact our average reaction time to any emergency call is typically under two hours. Each technician on staff has all the technology to receive and react to the calls in a timely fashion which will decrease the potential for initial and secondary damage. When you have unforeseen damage from water, fire, storm or other sources; we will arrive quickly to begin the remediation and restoration services.

Each month we receive numerous testimonials from both our residential and commercial customers. Our friendly staff will show empathy and compassion to whatever troubles you are facing and their calm demeanor and professional actions will create a sense of trust that is exuded in the testimonials we receive.

During these trying times of COVID-19; many local cleaning companies would not even risk the health of their employees or the status of their company by responding to sanitation and disinfecting needs throughout our community. Our crew responded to well over 500 calls for COVID related cleanings and this has solidified our presence as a fearless partner to help address any problem – BIG or small. Our technicians are equipped with all the proper PPE to keep both you and your family safe in light of such responses and remediation.

If you’ve dealt with the rest and want the best – call SERVPRO of Sussex County today at 302-856-9768!

Following the Science at SERVPRO!

7/19/2021 (Permalink)

We all have become too familiar with the phrase “follow the science” and it has evolved into household phrase since we have all been dealing with COVID-19.  “Following the Science” is what hopefully brought about useful vaccines and proper techniques to ease and eradicate the spread of the virus. 

At SERVPRO of Sussex County; we FOLLOW THE SCIENCE every day.  Whether we are tackling a water loss from a broken pipe, an unfortunate fire event or the remediation of possible growth or mold in your home or business.  All of our managers and crew have had scientific training to give them the proper methods and techniques to deal with fluid and dangerous situations.  All of our accreditations have been offered through the IICRC – the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certifications and our technicians have gone offsite for days at a time to learn and be tested in order for them to be accredited.

When we arrive at any work scene – our vehicles and trucks are filled with equipment and products that have all been scientifically tested. They are tested for their usefulness as well as to ensure there are no negative health effects to the customers offered through their use. Our technicians have the proper PPE – Personal Protection Equipment to ensure both their safety and yours. Our equipment meets the highest standards of performance and safety to the home or business owner.  We even have instruments that can detect and measure how much moisture has made its way into your floors and walls – just by holding a meter up against the area. Everything we do is based on science and how to keep our community healthy.

If you have any issue with water, fire or mold; or if you simply need a general cleaning call us today at 302-856-9768 to set up a free inspection.

Well Equipped!

7/2/2021 (Permalink)

We have all heard the phrase; but what does “well equipped” really mean?  According to the dictionary it means that you or the entity has sufficient equipment, supplies and or abilities.  A person who is well equipped is reliable and professional and uses his resources to solve problems and help others.  The same is true for an organization.  If a company is well equipped; it is in a much better position to handle the challenges of day to day business and an ever changing customer base and their needs.  It is easy to distinguish “well equipped” companies from those who are not simply by their success.  An “ill equipped” company will struggle and typically encounter more problems than successes and their customers will face the disappointment that accompanies their lack of resources and abilities.  A great example of a “well equipped” company is SERVPRO of Sussex County.

SERVPRO of Sussex County has expanded and grown over the last several years and all you need to do is view our office complex to see our “well equipped” ideology.  Three years ago we had 6 vehicles in our fleet – we now have 16 and are looking to add to that total.  Our number of employees has almost doubled in this period as well and all have received the accredited training associated with the success of the SERVPRO brand.  We have also pioneered into new areas of expertise and have added new departments such as our cleaning and janitorial division and our air quality maintenance and services.  We reinvest our profits back into our company to stay “well equipped” since that is the best way to ensure future success.  Our community is growing all around us and we are proud to be considered the best remediation and restoration/reconstruction company in Sussex County and we will continue to offer the best services supported by the best equipment, supplies and most importantly PEOPLE!  SERVPRO of Sussex County is truly “well equipped” and ready to serve!  Call us today at 302-856-9768 for any of our services.

Stay Calm and Call SERVPRO of Sussex County!

5/20/2021 (Permalink)

As home or business owners, you know the stress and anxiety that comes with the responsibilities of maintaining both.  Monthly bills, customer care and labor issues are enough to keep you awake at night with worry.  Those are normal duties which are foreseen and obvious preparation is needed for their management and control. 

Let’s talk for a moment about those unforeseen problems than can change your home or business in an instant.  For instance: you own a boutique and the employee restroom just flooded or your ice maker at home failed and saturated your first floor!  Things like floods and fires are outside of our control and can affect anyone.  Storms are indiscriminate as to which properties they can damage or destroy, and are sometimes unpredictable.  Hoping for the best is not a solid plan for such events.  A better plan is to call a company who has served America for more than 50 years!  Call a company who exemplifies service and professionalism.  Have you ever wondered why we call our company SERVPRO?  Because that one word says it all!  We will be there for you and help with service and professionalism.  We don’t just practice this philosophy – it is our name!

SERVPRO of Sussex County has a trained and professional crew standing by 24/7 to take that emergency call for service when very few others will even answer the phone.  Our expertise in all the things that you can’t control will help you to get things back under control.  Fast, quality service that you can depend on anytime – SERVPRO of Sussex County! Call us today - 302-856-9768!

Gimme Space!

3/19/2021 (Permalink)

We all need our space; sometimes we need a little more space than others.  As people we all typically accumulate stuff!  Valuables, belongings, clothing and things, all take up space and as we age and grow as families; we are all faced with the question of what to throw out and what to keep?  Most of us seldom think about all of these things until they are in the way of something that we want more.  For instance; if you want to remodel your home or a section of your home – you will need space to accommodate the process.  The same dilemma would occur if you are moving or planning to rent your home – you will need to address the issue of space, storage and how to create it.  SERVPRO of Sussex County has the solution!

   SERVPRO of Sussex County is happy to offer professional pack-out, inventory and storage space options.  We have a large climate controlled warehouse with staff on hand to help you.  Our process features the latest inventory control technology – iCat – which enables our team to inventory and locate any of your stored valuables almost instantly and we can offer reports on the status of your items.

   The SERVPRO team is also willing to do all of the heavy lifting and labor which we all know is the real challenge when moving anything.  We will pack it, pick it up and store it all in one convenient process.  This service is also very helpful when you are in transition from one home or location to another.  You will have the option of storing your valuables wherever is best for you or you may use our facility.  When you want those items back; we will be happy to deliver all of your belongings to you in their pristine original condition.  Call us today at 302-856-9768 to find out more details and request our services!

More Services...Less Worry!

3/12/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Sussex County is diversifying and offering our community new and helpful services.   Everyone knows that we are the leaders in water, fire and mold remediation; but did you know that we can help you to remove your valuables and contents when such disasters occur and safely store them for you? We are happy to announce our Pack-out and Storage service for Sussex County!

  Imagine the stress families endure after a flood or a house fire.  Many do not even consider what to do or how to handle all the contents of the home after a devastating event and the last thing that you and your family needs is more work and worry.  With SERVPRO of Sussex County – one call does it all!  We will be happy to assist you with the restoration and reconstruction of your property; and we can also offer technicians and vehicles to move your valuables and contents to our safe, climate controlled storage facility.  We can store them and monitor them; and even offer you reports on specific items and their whereabouts and condition.    We will help you pack the items and we will do all of the heavy lifting and make sure that no contents are exposed to possible secondary damage.     

  This service is not only practical for the worst case scenario but also for the convenience of shipping and storing items during renovations or seasonal moves.  If you want to offer your home at the beach for rent during the summer and need to store your valuables – we can do it!  If you are between moves and need help with moving and storing any items – we can do it!  When bad luck attacks…let us pack!  Call us today at 302-856-9768 and we will offer all the details!    

Helping Our Community – Our Vocation

8/18/2020 (Permalink)

Many businesses are suffering dramatic impacts from the pandemic – both locally and nationally. Restaurants and hotels have been hit especially hard with almost 40 % still closed or only offering carry out or delivery. Small and large retailers are also feeling the stress with all the mandates and restrictions designed to keep both their staff and patrons safe and healthy. Most have to monitor the number of patrons and keep the social distancing in place. Since March we have received more than 300 inquiries from both commercial and residential customers who want to know how to open safely and maintain a safe environment through this time.

Some are being pro-active with the SERVPRO: Certified Cleaned Service and applying preventive applications on a regular basis while others are waiting until they have an actual case. We respond in either case with the best trained technicians and the certified products approved by the EPA and the CDC. As each day passes with no end in sight – most are hopeful to get to a Phase 3 – and re-open to almost all patrons. Given the differing results from locations across the nation – most are left with uncertainty due to the ever changing nature of this virus.

We see our responses during this time as a vocation and we liken our group to First responders who will risk personal health and safety to help the community.

If you are a business or a resident – we are happy to help with different applications of our service to give both you and your customer’s peace of mind. Please call us today at 302-856-9768 or visit: for more details. Be smart and be safe!

Storm Season - Are You Ready?

7/23/2020 (Permalink)

Even though we are in the middle of a terrible pandemic, the hurricane season is upon us. The storms have been early and fast approaching with 7 named storms to date. The pandemic may disrupt everyone’s lives dramatically, but the weather patterns don’t follow or care about that and experts predict that this season may be harsh for some areas. Pretty much anywhere along the Gulf or Atlantic coasts are vulnerable.

Hurricanes and tropical storms can cause water and wind damage and lead to secondary issues, including mold. Obviously everyone should be prepared and with the challenges associated with the pandemic – it may be a good idea to add SERVPRO to the list of companies who WILL assist. Our teams stand ready through the pandemic to assist with these and any other residential or commercial property damage.

We offer the most professional and widely recognized and respected line of emergency response services available. SERVPRO of Sussex County is celebrating its 27th year as the number 1 storm response and remediation specialists in the area. We have seen everything from Nor-Easters to Hurricanes and we even sent a team of experts to assist with Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf area. When other companies are running away from a storm we are typically running into them and we take pride in this “first responder” mentality and that’s what sets us apart.

So add SERVPRO of Sussex County to your list of emergency contacts and services and whether it’s just a severe thunderstorm or an actual named hurricane – we will make it “Like it never even happened.” Reach us at 302-856-9768 or go to

Re-Opening Your Business Safely

7/7/2020 (Permalink)

Re-Opening Your Business Safely

   As we enter the first week of July, the global pandemic of COVID-19 has continued to spread worldwide and especially in the U.S.  While doctors around the globe focus on treatments and vaccines, new cases are on the rise and businesses in some states are still closed.  Those that have re-opened face the possibility of another mandated shutdown if the situation does not improve.

  The primary concern for most business owners is, of course, the health and safety of their staff and patrons.  However, with such a fluid and ever changing situation as the virus has become – how can you have the confidence to re-open or maintain the safety of your business environment?  Some businesses are tackling the problem by putting their own employees at risk by transforming them from waiters or housekeepers into sanitation experts and applying products which lack the effectiveness necessary to combat this threat.  Seldom do they possess the proper PPE to equip these people and in many cases the lack of expertise and resources only makes the problem worse and can even increase the spread. 

  We have also witnessed basic cleaning services utilizing unsafe practices as well.  Although, we applaud their efforts to attempt to remediate the problem – we do not endorse any efforts applied by anyone or company which lacks the certification in bio-hazard treatments and the approved resources.  Why put your employees in harm’s way when there is a better and safer solution?

  The Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned Service was introduced just under three months ago and we are seeing many responsible business owners utilizing this service with great results.  Many are applying the service in a pre-emptive manner with regular weekly or bi-monthly cleanings; while others are applying the service once they have a suspected or confirmed case.  This CDC and EPA approved program will offer a higher standard of “CLEAN”. To learn more about this accredited service – please use this link: and contact us today at 302-856-9768 to initiate the service.

Introducing: Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned

5/22/2020 (Permalink)

Introducing: Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned

  COVID-19 has affected all of our lives.  Some of our neighbors have lost loved ones and have endured suffering from the illness.  Only during wartime in America; have we all had to mobilize against a common enemy – an invisible enemy with more destructive power than we ever imagined.  Although, some areas of our country have been hit worse than others – no one is exempt from the threat as it continues.  This pandemic has forced countries to take dramatic measures to attempt to save both their citizens and their ways of life.  As the situation hopefully is in decline; we are all left with a common question: How do we know if and when we are safe again?

  SERVPRO is the leading bio-hazard cleaning company in America.  We have over 50 years of experience with over 1800 franchises.  SERVPRO of Sussex County is proud to be a part of the SERVPRO nation and we are determined to keep our community safe.  SERVPRO has just announced a proactive plan to provide an ongoing defense against the virus and its spread.  The Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned program is a defensive cleaning plan that goes way beyond standard cleaning practices.  This program will offer three steps to ensure that your property or business is safe: 1.) An initial consultation with a certified trained SERVPRO specialist will investigate and offer information and a plan specific to your needs. 2.) A trained and experienced SERVPRO bio-hazard team will apply anti-viral sanitizing techniques approved by the CDC, OSHA and other groups. This will decontaminate both porous and non-porous surfaces with EPA approved products. 3.) You will be offered written certification as well as a window shield sticker to place for the public to view; offering reassurance that the healthy environment has been professionally maintained to the highest standards.  

   Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned will offer a higher standard of clean for your residence or business and make you, your patrons and staff all feel safe and protected. Please contact SERVPRO of Sussex County today for a free estimate and description of the service. Call 302-856-9768 today!

It's Not Just a Job

3/27/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO tech A SERVPRO Technician in Washington State prepares to enter Life Care Center of Kirkland.

It’s Not Just a Job

I have worked in the business arena for more than 35 years.  I have sold everything from poultry to legal services. Although those endeavors were challenging and offered their own specific types of rewards; the work was not typically exciting and at times it was routine at best.  My time with SERVPRO has been exactly the opposite.

  Each day brings new challenges and most offer opportunities to make a real difference in people’s lives.  The critical nature of the events which truly require the SERVPRO expertise and service makes every job important.  When an individual or family is displaced due to a water or fire emergency; the work is inspired by a heightened sense of urgency and the vocation to help others takes over.  Getting that family back into their home becomes the goal and the team comes together to solve the problems. In a sense; it almost feels at times like we are “second” responders and although the situation may not be life or death; the rewards are genuinely fulfilling.

  In recent months, COVID-19 has drastically changed the way of life in Delaware. We suddenly find our biohazard services being used to support a national effort to slow the rate of infection.  Locally, our skilled technicians are being called upon to sanitize and disinfect many locations that have seen high levels of human contact. The images that we see on an ongoing basis inspire such compassion that the effort takes on a nature very different from the routine.  Scenes of overcrowded hospitals and shuttered businesses inspire not only emotion but intense energy as well. This emotion and energy become the true vocation that is SERVPRO – problem solving in a crisis.  

If you have questions about COVID-19 and our disinfectant measures, give us a call at 302-856-9768

SERVPRO is fighting COVID-19 in Delaware

3/18/2020 (Permalink)

As cities around the United States begin taking measures to stop the spread of COVID-19, you may find yourself wondering how to keep your home, business, or medical facility safe for your patrons. We are prepared to fight the spread of COVID-19 within Delaware. Our team is trained in a variety of preemptive cleaning protocols to assist your home, business, healthcare facility, education center, or government office.

Scope of Cleanup Protocol:
SERVPRO professionals can perform a proactive cleanup that involves facility or structure cleaning and disinfection where the customer states that there is no active known threat of COVID-19 contamination or exposure. The customer will be required to acknowledge that cleaning and disinfecting will only apply to the current state of the structure and contents. The structure would not be protected from future COVID-19 contamination if an infected person was to enter and occupy the building.

Cleanup Scope of Work and Planning:
The CDC encourages cleaning of high-touch surfaces such as counters, tabletops, doorknobs, light switches, bathroom fixtures, toilets, phones, keyboards, tablets, and tables at a minimum. These same surfaces are mentioned in the CDC’s guidance for commercial spaces as well, including:

• Kitchen/Food Areas
• Bathrooms
• Schools/Classrooms
• Offices
• Retail Spaces
• Water Fountains
• Shelving and Racks
• Sales Counters
• Carpets and Rugs
• Stair Handrails
• Elevator Cars
• Playground Equipment
• Fitness Equipment

Cleaning for Suspected or Confirmed Cases of COVID-19:
We are trained to handle cases where suspected or confirmed contact has been made. However, these cases will likely require further coordination with hygienists or other disease control agencies. Both cleaning and disinfecting must be a part of your scope of work and plan. The cleanup scope is dependent on the type of coronavirus situation.

1. High Touch Cleanup: Cleanup of high touch surfaces is required for a situation involving a person who is suspected to have COVID-19 or a Person Under Investigation (PUI); which is someone who is involved in a quarantine situation or has come in contact with someone who has been in a quarantine situation, or has come in contact with someone testing positive. This includes cleaning and disinfecting of high touch nonporous surfaces and cleaning and sanitizing of high touch porous surfaces.

2. Enhanced Cleanup: Enhanced cleanup is required for an area in which a person who has been confirmed positive for COVID-19 has inhabited. This includes cleaning and disinfecting of all nonporous surfaces and cleaning and sanitizing of all porous surfaces. This enhanced cleaning includes walls up to 8 feet but excludes ceilings. A combination of High Touch Cleanup and Enhanced Cleanup may be needed within a structure based on where the infected individual has directly traveled or occupied.

If you have questions, please feel free to send us a message or call us at (302) 856-9768.

We Are Family!

7/29/2019 (Permalink)

Sussex County is where our family is.  Our family of customers.  Our family of co-workers.  Our family of friends and neighbors.  For more than 25 years we have served this family and they represent all that we are. We are invested in the future of our community and the needs of our customers. Throughout our 26 years of service to the residents and businesses of Sussex County, the SERVPRO mission has never changed. We serve the people, businesses, and organizations that make our community great. Whether you live in Lewes, Rehoboth Beach, Bethany Beach, Georgetown, Seaford, Laurel, Millsboro, Bridgeville, Milford or Ocean View you can rely on us! Our staff of IICRC certified technicians is equipped with the latest technology and tools and have tackled all sorts of waterfiremold and storm challenges.  SERVPRO of Sussex County are the cleaning experts. We aid a variety of local organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity, Special Olympics DE, Boys & Girls Club, Breast Cancer Awareness, and DE Little League. We are active participants of Western Sussex, Georgetown, Millsboro, Lewes, Rehoboth-Dewey, and Bethany-Fenwick Chamber of Commerce organizations. We are proud of our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  SERVPRO of Sussex County will help you as well when you need our services. Our community knows that we will be there for them fast and ready!

The Customer is King!

7/22/2019 (Permalink)

When SERVPRO of Sussex County responds to your restoration or cleaning needs, we make it a priority to deliver excellent customer service throughout your time with us.  The situations our customers need us for are often stressful and complicated. In many cases, our customers find out their property is in trouble while they are away.  In a situation such as this, choosing a resourceful restoration company is essential.  As a customer service representative, it is crucial to build a trusting, reliable relationship with our customers while we walk them through the restoration process. Your peace of mind is important to us.

How does SERVPRO of Sussex County establish a professional relationship with our customers?  It begins the first time we speak with you.  When you call our office, our staff will take the time to discuss the full scope of your problem and assign the most qualified technician to assess the situation.  Our technicians are professional and experienced.  When SERVPRO inspects your home or business, they will determine the appropriate solution and take into consideration any special requirements you may have.  As your job moves forward and service begins at your property, we will maintain contact with you.  Within 24hrs of initial service, we will call you to make sure any questions you have are addressed as soon as possible.  We will continue to provide updates as your job progresses, and ensure your needs are met throughout your time as our customer.

The SERVPRO team has experience accommodating customers through every step of the process.  We work closely with insurance providers, provide detailed information to help you pick the best reconstruction contractors, and maintain flexibility with your schedule.  If you are looking for a trustworthy restoration partner to service your home or business, look no further than SERVPRO of Sussex County!

For more information call us at 302-856-9768 today!

A Note From Our Owner

7/1/2019 (Permalink)

A Note From Our Owner

My wife Jo Ann and I own SERVPRO of Sussex County. Our company performs fire, water, and mold restoration. These three occurrences, and more, often happen to commercial and residential structures.

One might think that we have a blue print or a step by step process and to a certain degree this may be true. Sometimes there are twists and turns that require us to change the process to an achievable end.

For example in drying a kitchen we discover that the water infiltrated the space beneath the base kitchen cabinets. What does this mean? In order for us to achieve the goal to dry what is wet, the countertop and base kitchen cabinets must be removed, dried and stored until repairs commence. We may find the drywall that is behind the cabinets is also wet. If the drywall is wet, there is a good chance the insulation is also wet.

As an owner training is crucial to do a great job. Another important attribute is the ability to be flexible. Some people do not like surprises, but in our daily work unexpected occurrences become common.

This is where we learn to be flexible. We teach and train our team to be “capable of bending easily without breaking.” What this means is that when something unexpected happens, we need to think how to solve the issue and not just react.

I am proud of everyone on the SERVPRO of Sussex County team as they flourish in an atmosphere where we help, learn and share.

The Value of SERVPRO

5/20/2019 (Permalink)

The Value of SERVPRO

Full disclosure, I have worked for multiple SERVPRO franchises for over 15 years and my family has been involved with SERVPRO for almost 25 years.  It’s easy for me to talk about the value of SERVPRO, especially to me personally.  SERVPRO has provided me and my family food on the table, a roof over our heads and many opportunities that we consider ourselves lucky to have.  I’ve gained lifelong friends and had experiences that has enriched my life.  For most of you, you may not have had the same experiences I have had.  In fact, you may not have wanted to call SERVPRO at all…. (don’t worry, we get it). That is why I wanted to share a difference experience I recently had that made me realize even more the value of SERVPRO.

A few weeks ago, we experienced a large rain storm.  I believe we had about an inch of rain fall in about an hour.  My gutters couldn’t handle it (and yes, they needed to be cleaned as well) and the basement door area was submerged in water.  Admittedly, we do get some water in a corner of the basement from time to time, but never more than a small amount.  This time the entire basement was affected, including my music studio area (carpets, equipment, soundproofing, instruments, etc. all got wet).

I began (after many choice words yelled into a pillow) by moving contents, extracting water with a shop vac and trying to get mitigate the best I could.  Now, at this point I am already appreciating the hard work our crew does every day.  I’m tired from doing all this work by myself (and to be honest, I have not done the field work in a while and not as conditioned as I once was) and my shop vac is not nearly as strong as our extractors and needs to be emptied every 2 minutes.  After about 4 hours of work, that our crew would do in less than a ½ an hour…, I had taken the necessary steps and was ready to continue drying.  So, I set up my Dehumidifier (standard basement one from hardware store) and couple of box fans throughout.  Immediately I knew this was going to cut it.  The fans were not powerful enough to lift the area rugs, let alone force air into affected walls, etc.  and the dehumidifier was not big enough to capture all of the moisture in the air and required emptying constantly.

Over the next few days I moved the fans around and repositioned area rugs, etc. to help them continue drying.  Within 36 hours my basement (and now whole house) smelled like a wet dog and water stains were now setting in with more permanence.  Eventually things dried out (about 7 days), but not before damage was done.  I ended up throwing away 4 area rugs, removing/replacing the bottom 2 feet of all soundproofing/insulation and lost about $400 worth of equipment (not necessarily because they got wet, but because they didn’t dry fast enough).  All told, it cost me about $1000 dollars in damages and about 8 hours of my time.

Because this water damage was not covered under my homeowner’s policy, I did/could not file a claim and I felt that the amount of work/damage (especially since I am experienced at the process) was also not worth hiring SERVPRO myself.  I would definitely not take make that decision should this happen again.  In the grand scheme of things, my basement water damage was relatively small in comparison to what we deal with on daily basis.  SERVPRO would have charged me approximately $500-$750 to complete the work I did and install the proper amount and type of drying equipment.  The area rugs and bottom of the soundproofing would have dried out faster (before bacteria growth and staining) and most likely could have been salvaged.  

I’ve always valued SERVPRO, but I have a new appreciation for the value of the work we do every day and I am proud to part of it! 

SERVPRO of Sussex County…….Not just a Job – It’s an Adventure!

3/25/2019 (Permalink)

I have worked in the business arena for more than 35 years.  I have sold everything from poultry to legal services.  Although those endeavors were challenging and offered their own specific types of rewards; the work was not typically exciting and at times it was routine at best.  My time with SERVPRO has been exactly the opposite.

  Each day brings new challenges and most offer opportunities to make a real difference in people’s lives.  The critical nature of the events which truly require the SERVPRO expertise and service makes every job important.  When an individual or family is displaced due to a water or fire emergency; the work is inspired by a heightened sense of urgency and the vocation to help others takes over.  Getting that family back into their home becomes the goal and the team comes together to solve the problems. In a sense; it almost feels at times like we are “second” responders and although the situation may not be life or death; the rewards are genuinely fulfilling.

  The dramatic times may not be appealing in any job.  In most cases the everyday mundane theme of the workplace can be affected.  Real human drama is very different.  The images that we see on an ongoing basis inspire such compassion that the effort takes on a nature very different from the routine.  The scene at a burned out or flooded home and the sight of a pile of charred or saturated possessions can inspire not only emotion but intense energy as well.  This emotion and energy become the true vocation that is SERVPRO – problem solving in a crisis.  Another example would be when a natural disaster effects our area or another and we mobilize simply out of the desire to help!

   If your job is becoming “boring” and less than challenging – stop by our shop and complete your application today!

Wet, Winter Weekend Worries!

3/18/2019 (Permalink)

Wet, Winter Weekend Worries!

  One of the principles of Murphy’s Law is timing.  The common phrase is:  “If something can go wrong it will; and usually at the worst time.” A commercial water loss can be catastrophic enough at any time; however when it happens during a very busy time – a great deal of worry and anxiety will usually come with it.  Under this scenario; the situation can be further exacerbated when the business affected is a hotel with a sold –out weekend upon them.

  Recently, SERVPRO of Sussex County responded to this exact event which occurred over the President’s Day Weekend.  It must be stated that the beach area in Sussex County has become a year round destination and when travelers have a three day weekend to enjoy here; they make the most of it.  Hotels usually sell out weeks in advance and visitors take advantage of local shopping and dining.

  The call came around two am on a Friday night and we dispatched our crew to the scene within two hours.  We found that an HVAC unit on the third floor had a broken hose and water flowed for several hours into the walls, floors and ceilings on three levels affecting about twenty rooms.  Our crew acted quickly to extract as much water as possible and begin the drying process. They were on the scene for more than twelve hours on the first call.  We found a very worried manager who naturally was overwhelmed with not only the damage to the hotel but with the thought of those twenty to forty guests arriving with the possibility of no accommodations.  In this case, any reputable hotel will do exactly as this one did – re-locate the guests with a complimentary stay at another hotel.  Hospitality should be extended even through the challenging times.  Although, some guests may have some disappointment; at least the entire weekend was not lost.

  When an emergency strikes at the most inopportune time – call SERVPRO of Sussex County and we will offer prompt response and make order out of chaos – "Like it never even happened."

Almost as Fast as a Flash Flood!

3/4/2019 (Permalink)

This photo shows the area in the basement where the ground water entered through the foundation.

Recently, a friend, who is also a local contractor called to inform me that the office which he was leasing had experienced a water loss the day prior. The Lewes area had experienced an extreme downpour and it forced groundwater through the foundation into the basement and ground floor. It just so happens that his small office is located in the ground floor of a landmark home located on the Lewes canal and he was concerned about the effect the flooding would have on the entire home. Obviously, this home is worth over a million dollars and his concern was valid.

Within an hour of his call, the SERVPRO of Sussex County team delivered dehumidifiers and air movers to the location and the drying process began. In hindsight, it was very lucky for this homeowner that someone was present at this location and was able to address the loss immediately. If the flood water had been left unattended for days or weeks – growth and other additional loss may have occurred. This absentee owner issue is a real concern for many homeowners in our area who also dwell outside of Sussex County. SERVPRO of Sussex County recommends that if you do not have a neighbor or caretaker to offer periodic inspections of your property; you may want to consider a property management team to do the same.

This story has a happy ending primarily due to the quick reaction by both my friends’ crew and our SERVPRO team in response to the loss. After a several day drying process the moisture levels were reduced and the home smelled normal again. I met my friend at the location and he showed me a video that he took of the flooding. Many people are startled by how fast water travels. Fast reaction and response time is what separates SERVPRO of Sussex County from our competitors. If you need us – call us today!

For SERVPRO of Sussex County – It’s Community First!

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For SERVPRO of Sussex County – It’s Community First!

  SERVPRO of Sussex County takes a great deal of pride in the community we serve.  For more than 25 years we have offered restoration and remediation services to the local public and we have offered response and support to some of the area’s most challenging events.  This is our role and we take it very seriously.  But when it comes to caring for our community – fulfilling our role is simply not good enough.       

  We have all heard sayings like “pay it forward” or “do the right thing”.  In a sense these words express a higher call for duty in our community to give and go beyond what is simply expected.  SERVPRO of Sussex County embraces this role and we make good on our ongoing promise to give back to those in need.

  Our charitable efforts in 2018 included donating time and or resources to the most worthy causes in our local area.  We are happy to have offered our support to such groups as Habitat for Humanity, Breast Cancer Awareness, Substance Abuse Awareness, Fire Prevention, Special Olympics and CHEER.  We also support the local Boys and Girls Clubs and our areas police, EMS and fire departments.  SERVPRO also donated to several local food drives.  As a community we must not ignore the needs of the community.  We encourage all local businesses to take strides to effect more than just their bottom lines and put their neighbors first.  At SERVPRO of Sussex County we always ask ourselves – Can We Do More?  Fulfilling our role is important; yes – but becoming a Role Model is more so.

SERVPRO of Sussex County - Go With What You Know!

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SERVPRO of Sussex County - Go With What You Know!

   Sussex County Delaware is currently experiencing growth at a more rapid rate than at any time in its history.  The Cape Gazette recently ran a story on this boom and offered some staggering statistics.  There are over 11,000 lots or units under projects or plans for construction.  More than 350,000 square feet of new commercial space has been approved or under review.  Schools are expanding, new hospitals are being built and new large medical centers are planned or under construction.  There are plans for 5 new hotels offering an additional 430 rooms.  It has been said that 5 out of every 6 people moving to Delaware are relocating in Sussex County; with an estimated population increase of more than 15% within the next five years. 

  SERVPRO of Sussex County has been a steady fixture in our community for more than 25 years and we view this growth with optimism.  However, with all of the new construction, we are seeing new service companies in our area that are attempting to profit from this growth.  Almost every day, we encounter a different or new “specialist” offering similar services to our community.  We have heard and witnessed accounts of poor service and workmanship and we are concerned that these “bandwagon” companies will leave local patrons feeling less than satisfied as they focus on quantity of work instead of quality.  Where we offer free inspections – we are seeing many competitors charging for the same services.  We encounter efforts to discount and or buy business away from us; or companies which tout abilities and experience that is simply false.  Most of these predatory competitors are not even located in Sussex County and none offer the expertise or experience that SERVPRO is known for throughout our nation.  We encourage our local patrons to go with what they know and most know that SERVPRO is the most respected and trusted remediation / restoration provider in our area.  So we say – Let the buyer beware.

  SERVPRO of Sussex County has a true commitment to excellence in our community because this is where we work and live.  Trust local business to serve local business and residents.

How do I answer the question: What does SERVPRO do?

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Wendy at her BEST! Her enthusiasm and love of her work and her coworkers makes her one of our most valuable employees and leaders.

My name is Wendy and I am a crew chief for SERVPRO of Sussex County. When I tell someone that I work for SERVPRO; they usually get a little confused and ask me what that is exactly. My response is typically - "Just about anything!" or (my personal favorite) "We tear up houses all day!" Then I giggle at their initial reaction of shock before explaining further that when we repair a damaged home; we sometimes have to demolish and or remove the affected or damaged materials before a rebuild can begin.

We clean up after all types of pipe breaks or leaks; water and sewage related. Some are from water intake lines for a sink, toilet, shower or bathtub. Others are actual raw sewage lines, or a pipe that wasn't connected properly to a toilet. Our crews clean up mold that has been caused by a water intrusion or high humidity. Mold related jobs can range from being a small closet to a whole house.

SERVPRO also cleans areas that are considered biohazard. Some of these jobs are also either very involved or somewhat simple. Some of our work may seem unpleasant; especially when we respond to a health challenge or death. It’s at these times that one must consider what our community would be faced with if we did not do these types of jobs.

We offer remediation services after a fire has occurred or a puff back of smoke from a furnace or fireplace. A severe fire can create a great deal of damage and become a life changing event. Empathy is part of all we do. All of these jobs can be as dangerous as they are challenging. So, of course we have plenty of protective gear to wear and safety is always a primary concern for both our customers and our coworkers.

Overall I enjoy the variety of my work the most. No two jobs will ever be the same experience with all that we are capable of here at SERVPRO.

If you have questions or a need for our services please reach us at 302-856-9768 - SERVPRO of Sussex County.