Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Rainwater Damage Caused By Tree Branch

Storm damage affects many homeowners across the state of Delaware. There are many ways heavy wind and rain can ruin your home or property. Often, it will be a combination of the two that leads to giving SERVPRO of Sussex County a call. In this photo, a branch broke through the roof of a home during a large thunderstorm. The opening caused by the impact made it possible for heavy rains to flood the attic area, resulting in wet insulation and saturated drywall forming the ceiling of the interior. Our first step upon responding to the loss was proper containment of the opening to prevent further damage from the elements. We then proceeded with the rest of our restoration work. 

Storm Sends Branch Through Roof

Storms can cause many different types of dangerous damage to your home and property. Earlier this year, a major storm caused a tree branch to fall through a trailer in the Sussex County region. The homeowner did what they could to stop the rainwater from entering the home, but called us to handle the water and remaining damage. This is a very common situation and we are experienced responding to it. There was plenty of debris that needed to be cleaned up, and thankfully very little water damage despite the circumstances. If you are faced with storm damage, make SERVPRO of Sussex County your first call for assistance. 

Severe Thunderstorm with Flooding

A recent summer thunderstorm brought significant rainfall as well as strong winds. What wasn't waterfront property - now is.  It is amazing how fast mother nature can create an emergency.  

Tornado Raising the Roof

On April 15, 2019, the Laurel area sustained damage from an EF2 tornado. This photo shows part of a warehouse roof that was relocated into a tree top during the storm. Imagine what that power could do to any living thing in it's path!  

Tornado 4/15/2019

Sussex County does not see many tornadoes – thankfully.  Unfortunately, that respite came to an end on April 15, 2019, when an EF2 tornado touched down near Laurel and tore a hundred yard wide path of destruction over about ten miles.  This photo shows what was left of an UTZ Snack warehouse located just off of Rt. 13.  The roof of the structure could be found spread across the tops of four trees behind the structure.  The extreme force of a tornado is almost unimaginable.    

Snow Surprise!

Downtown Lewes during an unexpected snow storm in February. Storms such as these can elevate ground water levels that may lead to intrusion in your home. Obviously with any cold weather storm there is also risk of frozen pipes.  Stay Calm and Call SERVPRO of Sussex County!