Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water Extraction Water Loss

This home suffered from a broken supply line in the upper floors. There was a large amount of water that was released from this broken pipe, which proceeded to make its way through the HVAC lines, flooring, and drywall. The damage was extensive throughout, affecting carpeting and more. We opened up the ceiling on the ground floor to removing the soaked drywall, and purge the saturated flex lines. After this work was done, we brought in the extractor to remove as much water as possible from the ground floor before moving forward with demolition. If you have experienced a major water loss, contact SERVPRO of Sussex County today!

Basement Water Damage

We see many basement water damages here at SERVPRO of Sussex County. Home and business owners should know that anything part of a structure below ground will be at risk for water infiltration for a variety of reasons. Cracks in the foundation and poor seals around windows are among the most common ways groundwater gains entry into a basement. We were initially called out to this loss in order to extract excess water that entered the home. The job later developed into a cleaning of the concrete floor as well. If you have water infiltration at your home after heavy rains, call SERVPRO of Sussex County for service today!

Rolling Kitchen Islands

This photo shows another angle of the water damage to a kitchen in Rehoboth. The water intrusion occurred under the floor and sub floor and throughout the area and the force created actually lifted the floor as well as the islands and appliances.

Growth Formation After Water Loss

This photo shows a table and lamp affected with the formation of growth after a major water intrusion. Unfortunately, the water loss occurred while the house was vacant and within only a couple of days, the moisture in the indoor environment spawned the growth.  Growth was found throughout the house and created an additional need for remediation.

The Power of Water Under A Kitchen Floor

This photo shows the scene of a recent water loss in Rehoboth Beach. The water heater sprung a leak in the vacant home and the water flowed for several days. As the water spread under the kitchen floor; the result as you can see is a dramatic relocation of both the hardwood floor, the island and most of the appliances. The entire floor and sub floor will need to be demolished and rebuilt.  

Ground Water Flooding Milford Library 9/11/2018

The City of Milford had flood damage from ground water at the Town Library on 9/11/2018. You can see the carpet is saturated before we began work. SERVPRO of Sussex County responded immediately.