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Water Damage Testimonials

Fast and efficient cleanup. Everyone was very responsive. Nick Tana did a great job with reconstructing everything back to the way it originally was!

My experience with everyone at SERVPRO has been outstanding from my first call out. I had a hot water pipe break in my crawl space which ended up ruining my floors and hall bathroom. Eddie Cluesman and his team came out to my house within 30 minutes and started the cleanup and restoration process. They took the time to fully explain every step to me and provided me with the necessary drying materials. Nick Tana and Jordan Chisenhall spearheaded the reconstruction of my floors, bathroom and other damaged areas. They answered every call and also walked me through every step. Their ability to explain construction in laymans terms to me was so appreciated, as I knew absolutely nothing before hand. They helped me pick out the best products for my house and set me up with an awesome contractor. The work all looks incredible and I’m glad I used them for my project. Thanks again guys!

I had water damage to two floors in my home. Marissa came in to perform the demo and clean up of the affected areas. She was top notch. Fast, efficient and friendly. Clean up was excellent. Would not hesitate recommending her services.

The recent work performed by SERVPRO of Sussex County was both well done and a very positive experience.  It is nice to see that such a large company still offers such personal service.

"There are not enough people in the world like Eddie and Ian.  They were incredible and extremely professional; unlike many other contractors we have used. They were both very friendly and were both wearing proper masks when they arrived and during their work."

Guys who did the work did a good job. The were very polite, did what they needed to do and moved on. Very professional.

Very happy with the work! The crew was nice and Wendy was perfectly professional.

The crew was great and very helpful. They did their job well. I was most impressed with their politeness!

The SERVPRO crew did an excellent job. The were on-time and communicated with the staff very well. We’re happy with the work.

The team was on time, quick, and clean. No Complaints!

The SERVPRO Team was very neat and finished work quickly. I needed urgent service at my property and received a call back to schedule within an hour. I was happy with everything! Wendy is a great communicator and I appreciated Jordan following up on the completion of the project.

I received wonderful service from the SERVPRO of Sussex County team! They were all busy, hard workers who knew what they were doing. The technicians were polite and consistently on time. I was impressed with quality of their work!

Everything went great. My realtor handled the majority of the work with SERVPRO of Sussex County and was pleased with their service. 

The team kept me informed through the whole project. I am extremely satisfied with everything and have had no other further problems. If anything were to happen again I would definitely call SERVPRO of Sussex County! 

I felt like I was in good hands through the whole process. The team had great communication. I was impressed by hoe thoughtful they were during an emotional situation. They calmed me down and left me with a great sense of security and what to expect. Wendy and Amanda were a great team. I appreciated Wendy’s quick response when one of the DeHus broke. Jordan was also great. For a bad situation it was a fantastic experience.

Excellent service and excellent people, although I hope I never need to use you again. The team was polite and reassuring as they talked me through the process. This was an unexpected situation and I was very satisfied by how knowledgeable they were. There was absolutely no mess after they completed the work. My neighbors were also impressed and plan to call SERVPRO of Sussex County if it is needed.

SERVPRO of Sussex County did their job well and were in and out quickly. I was happy with their efficiency.

Wendy was a great, hard worker and very professional. The techs did an amazing job and were able to answer all my questions. I was very happy with he communication and cleanup. I would definitely use SERVPRO again!

The techs were great and explained everything very well. I appreciated that they were able to describe why they performed specific actions, and what steps they would take to complete the work. The post work cleanup was spotless. Updates and communication from the office was excellent!

Wendy and the team were wonderful. They were compassionate and reassuring while working in my home and getting things back to normal after a stressful situation. I appreciated that they took extra steps to coordinate with the other contractors and keep things running smoothly. Even though the fans and drying equipment were necessary, they still apologized for the noisy wind tunnel the machines created in my home, haha. 10/10 and I hope I never need to use them again!

Eddie and the entire crew were great!  They were very professional and courteous!

Wendy and the team did a great job! They responded to our call quickly. We were especially impressed with the spotless post-work cleanup. There was no dust or dirt left over. We used SERVPRO at another home years ago, and were happy to receive the same great service. SERVPRO has an excellent track record with us and our experience was close to perfect. We would recommend them to anyone!

“Brandon was very knowledgeable, polite and did a wonderful job explaining everything.”

Amanda went above and beyond! She and the SERVPRO team worked very hard to clean up the damage to my home. They are top of the line! No matter what happened she was right there to assist me and was kind throughout the whole process. She’s a gem.

Very satisfied with the service provided by SERVPRO! The crew was very professional and able to respond quickly even though it was late on a Friday. They were on-time through the whole project and I can’t say enough about them. They would be my first choice if anything were to happen again!

Everyone from SERVPRO was great! They were friendly and professional. 

Dave was prompt at getting someone out to help when I called. Wendy and Allyssa were great, hard workers and very polite! They did a magnificent job and were on time every day. Wouldn’t it be nice if everything was this easy?

My home is a precious place. I was very concerned about who to call after this happened. I had previous experience working with SERVPRO in Sarasota, and my neighbor Walt (Who is a contractor) referred you. I could not have been more impressed. I loved the prompt follow-up after the job started. The entire crew struck me as pleasant and professional. Kathy, Rich, and Brandon were on top of things and kept their word. The technicians were conscious of their surroundings, explained their decisions and methods well, and were trustworthy. I could not have asked for a smoother process from start to finish.

Crew was great and the service was fantastic. Great team leadership! I was very satisfied with the quality of work, and had a good experience with the crew members. It made me happy that they were cat lovers.

Great Service! Great Technicians!

Very happy with the SERVPRO team and the service they provided. Excellent response to my emergency water loss and great workmanship!

1st time I needed SERVPRO’s help. The team responded rapidly and was quick to begin work. Wendy was quick to answer my questions even when I contacted her after hours. Awesome, open communication. Was very satisfied and would absolutely use them again.

The crew was professional and courteous.  They offered good communication and displayed a good attitude.  They know and care about what they do.

SERVPRO did a great job responding to my emergency loss. I am very happy with their service and would absolutely use them again!

“SERVPRO’s response time to our water loss was great! The team did a fantastic job!”

The crew was great and finished work quickly. I am very satisfied

“Wendy and Alyssa were great at assessing the situation and determining the best course of action for my home. The crew was approachable, neat, and organized. I have no complaints and am totally satisfied with their work!”

The response time offered by SERVPRO of Sussex County was quick and exact.  When they told us they would be coming back to offer follow up - they were on time and offered quality work. We told all of our neighbors and they shared similar stories of satisfaction! 

Wendy and her crew were amazing! They were on time and very efficient and had the work finished in a timely fashion.  Thank you SERVPRO! 

The SERVPRO Team was excellent in response time, service, compassion and workmanship! Great Work!

Brandon, Jeff and Jordan were fast to the scene and did an excellent job!

Rob and Matt's service was absolutely amazing! They were quick to the scene and offered compassion and skillful work. Good Guys!  

Wendy and Matt were awesome!!! They were very kind and professional!

We were very pleased with the work provided by SERVPRO of Sussex County! 

It was amazing how much water the SERVPRO team extracted from our town hall in one day!

“ SERVPRO not only outlined the problem clearly, but also gave specifics on equipment and remediation.  They also spoke directly with our insurance adjuster and kept us calm during the process.”    

Pleased with the outstanding SERVPRO service. Really Really Impressed.

You guys were awesome. Here on time (Sunday AM!) and very, very nice. 2nd time I have used them and will refer again.

Really professional, well trained and friendly personnel.